Ways To Get Involved

Acts of Random Kindness in Schools

Teaching a child that life isn’t as much about what you get as it is about what you give, allows them the opportunity to develop into compassionate adults. It’s one of the greatest lessons of childhood. Because giving is an act that while improving the lives of others, makes us better in the process. Give. Grow. Live Yes! I’d love to educate and empower children to perform a kind act every single day! To customize an ARK educational experience for your school, sign up here.

Acts of Random Kindness in your Community

Kindness is a habit that can transform a community. So, even if you’re not at work, or your kids are still home, you can share the ARK with friends and family. You’ll see how small contributions create big hearted neighborhoods. Yes! I’d like to create a big hearted neighborhood! Sign up here.

Acts of Random Kindness at Work

Every day more and more corporations are becoming socially involved, donating portions of profits and sales to causes. ARK is a way to ensure the corporate culture spreads throughout the organization and allows individuals to contribute their own small amounts to any cause or individual they want to help. Yes! I’d like to spread the corporate culture by encouraging my employees, vendors, partners and clients to engage in ARK. Sign up here.

Endorsement Videos